Q. What size truck do I need?
It all depends on what sort of work you do.
Generally, below is what you can expect to carry on each sized truck.
8,500 kg GVM truck will usually carry 3.0-4.0 tonnes and have a 6m length tray
11,000 kg GVM truck will usually carry 3.5-4.0 tonnes and have a 7.0-7.5m length tray
14,000 kg GVM truck will usually carry 6.0-7.0 tonnes and have a 7.5m length tray
Trucks with a GVM of 22,500 kg or more work best with a tray length over 8.0m as this gives space between the front of the winch and a shipping container for the chain sling
Trucks that tow trailers have to stay under 19m length over all with a trailer which also determins tray length
Usually a truck that can tow a 6.0m dog trailer can have a tray length of 8.5-9.0m and still stay under 19.0m with the trailer
22,500 kg GVM truck that has a high horsepower engine are heavier and this reduces the carrying capacity to 8.0-9.0 tonnes
22,500 kg GVM trucks usually carry 10.0-11.0 tonnes and have a tray length of 8.0-9.0m
27,500 kg GVM trucks usually carry 12.0-14.5 tonnes and have a tray length of 8.0-9.0m
31,500 kg GVM trucks usually carry 15.0-17.0 tonnes and have a tray length of 8.0-9.0m
Fitting a crane will reduce the carrying capacity
Usually only up to a 10.0 metre/tonne crane can be fitted to single steer trucks, over that requires a twin steer
Tilt trays are heavier than standard truck bodies, and there are minimum lengths that make the trays easy to operate, please give us a call if you need any information
Q. What is a STRONGBACK tray
A Strongback Tilt Tray is strong by design and manufactured with pride and attention to detail.
All Strongback Tilt Trays use quality componants.
Australian Made A.P.E. Worm Drive Winches
Australian Made P.T.E. Hydraulic Cylinders
Sweedish SSAB Hardox High Tensile floors
Powauto hydraulic componants with Australia wide back up
All Strongback Tilt Trays are sand blasted and painted in 2 pack on top and epoxy under for maximum corrosion protection
All wiring and hydraulic hoses are properley secured and protected from rubbing 
All Strongback Tilt Trays are subjected to a rigorous Quality Assurance throughout manufacture
Q. Can you recomend a Winch I must have for the job I need to do?
All Strongback Tilt Trays are specced with an A.P.E. worm drive winch suitable for the size of the tray
These are a proper worm drive industrial hydraulic winch made in Australia
We do offer larger winches as an option though on most trays
Q. Can I order non standard items?
If you have a special requirement or would like us to something unusual please ask
We do our best to build what the customer wants
Q. What wheelbase do i need?
The length of the Tilt Tray is governed by the wheelbase of the truck
If there is a crane or a ROPS this also shortens the length of the tray that will fit on the truck
Please call us, we can work out a wheelbase that is suitable 
If you already have a truck and the wheelbase needs extending or shortening we can do it in house 
Q. Do you offer Truck and Tilt Tray packages?
Yes, South East Queensland Tilt Tray can offer Tilt Tray and new Truck packages
We have arrangements with some truck manufacturers so that we can give you a price straight away on a particular sized truck
In most cases (depending on the brand of truck) we are able to do the truck through a dealer close to you as well
Please call if you would like any more information