South East Queensland Tilt Tray builds our first Tilt Tray on a Toyota Dyna. This truck is still going strong today, 21 years later, having spent most of its working life in the harsh conditions of the Camooweal and Mt Isa area.


In 2005 South East Queensland Tilt Tray moved to our current location at 41 Colebard St West Acacia Ridge. This workshop is 1250M/2 and has two 5 tonne gantry cranes. With the larger building, by 2006 we are building over 70 Tilt Trays a year, and in 2008 we built 96 Tilt Trays, the most we have built in a year, with 20 staff in the workshop and 5 in the office.



South East Queensland Tilt Tray moves from a small single bay shed at Sherwood to a 100M/2 workshop at Rocklea. At this time we are building around 10 Tilt Trays a year and a small staff of only two.


In July 2010, we achieved a milestone by completing our 500th Tilt Tray. The Tilt Tray was built on a DAF CF85 8X4 chassis which had been modified to include a lift up lazy axle making it a 10X4. The Tray is 10.2m long, and has a carrying capacity of 15 tonnes. The unit was built for Andrew Price, who all ready has two other trucks fitted with Strongback Tilt trays by South East Queensland Tilt Tray, another DAF with a 10.2m tray, and a Mack with a 7.8m tray. South East Queensland Tilt Tray manager, Matt McCormack worked with Andrew to come up with a maximum length tray, with an excellent carrying capacity.


In 1999 South East Queensland Tilt Tray moved to a larger workshop in Andrew St Rocklea, consisting of one 150M/2 building. We now have three full time staff and can build 2 trucks side by side in this shed, and are building around 25 Tilt Trays a year.



In 2013 South East Queensland Tilt Tray expanded into the building next door (on the right of the photo), giving us over 2500M/2 undercover.


South East Queensland Tilt Tray moves to a larger 400M/2 workshop at the same address in Andrew St Rocklea as well continuing to occupy the smaller building. Our staff is now up to five in the workshop and two in the office, we can work on up to six trucks at a time in these buildings and as well as building Tilt Trays we also do quite a lot of Chassis extensions and similar work. We are building around 35 Tilt Trays a year.


In November 2019, the 1,000th Tilt Tray that we have built has left our workshops. The FVY Isuzu is for Thiess and was sold by Crokers Truck Centre in Mackay. Quite apt, as back in 2001 we built 4 Tilt Trays on FRR 500 Isuzu’s for Millen’s Hire sold to them by Crokers, which was the first time we built numerous bodies for one customer.

Achieving this mile stone is a good opportunity for a bit of reflection. Even though South East Queensland Tilt Tray has been in business since 1996, it wasn’t until the late 90’s that we really concentrated on building Tilt Tray’s , before that we would do as much general body building work, (chassis extension’s, body fitting, etc) as build tilt trays.

We are a family owned and run business, with both myself (Cam) and my wife Amanda actively involved. I’ve looked after the workshop side of it, and Amanda along with looking after the accounting, was instrumental in getting SEQTT Quality Assured along with the other administrative tasks.

We’ve got a great crew working for us, headed up by Matt and his off sider Chris. I think it is a great sign that we have numerous employees that have worked for us for well over 10 years, and we have also managed to put a lot of people through apprenticeships, male and female, over the years. Over the years we have also developed some great relationships with most of our suppliers. Shephard Transport Equipment, Winch Industries and PTE hydraulic cylinders have supplied us with top quality equipment from the start, and all share the same business ethics as ourselves and stand behind their products. Out of the 1,000 tilt trays, Hawkins Truck Refinishers have painted over 600 of them too, and the trucks leave here looking spot on.

I’d need a few pages to name everyone we have been involved with over the years, suffice to say we have a lot of loyal customers, good suppliers and great employee’s. Thank’s to everyone involved in us getting to 1,000 tilt trays.